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Tournament Rules


  • All games 25 minutes in duration, with no stoppages except for injury, and no stoppage time added.
  • Teams must all wear the same colour jersey or  t-shirt.  (Bibs available for significant colour clashes.)
  • No more than four players per team on the field at a time, Mixed teams must have a minimum of one female player on the field at all times.
  • Maximum of 7 participants per team.
  • Minimum of 2 female participants per mixed team.
  • No goalkeepers and no goaltending.
  • Teams are guaranteed three games.
  • Win = 3 points.  Tie = 1 point

DO NOT RUN UP SCORES. GOAL DIFFERENTIAL IS NOT A FACTOR. Ties in standings will be resolved in favour of the team which raised the most money for Smiles4Miles. Play-off ties will be decided in the same manner. All team money must be submitted before the team’s THIRD scheduled game in order to count towards the tie breaker. 


  • Limitless substitutions on the fly, as in hockey. Departing player must be within three feet of the sideline before replacement enters, and must not interfere with play.
  • Corner kicks and goal kicks as per regular soccer rules.
  • No throw-ins. Kick-in to the other team from the spot the ball goes out. Please retrieve balls as quickly as possible WITHOUT disrupting other games.
  • All free-kicks, goal kicks, corner kicks and kick-ins are indirect.
  • No offsides.
  • Must be in opponents’ half to score.
  • Attacker may not score from within one metre , but may go within that distance to retrieve the ball.
  • Defender may not stand within a metre of the goal to prevent scoring, but may go within that distance to retrieve the ball. Goaltending “in the crease” may result in a goal being awarded.
  • Slide Tackling is not permitted. A deliberate sliding tackle will result in a free-kick to the other team.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a fun tournament for charity. Sporting behaviour is expected at ALL times. No record of yellow cards will be kept.  Two yellow cards to the same player in a game will result in that player being excluded from the game and the team  must play short-handed for the duration of the game. However, a player ejected for serious foul play or serious unsporting conduct will not be permitted to participate further in the tournament, and a team deemed guilty of violating the spirit of the tournament will be disqualified.

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